Undoubtedly, we are in the midst of information technology revolution and, sure enough, every day presents it self new technologies that are fundamentally challenging the status-quo. And, at Aline we continually invest and make every effort to be on the forefront of technology, looking out for new paradigms and disruptors that are shaking up the conventional approaches. This is our DNA. We always are better prepared to advise you on the current trends, how they can revitalize, rationalize and reinvent your Organization and/or function, how you can better utilize them to your advantage and what the associated risks and benefits are.

Adopting any new technology and converting that into an useful beneficial business solution that your people can embrace demands holistic thinking right from vision/scope to nitty-gritty details of actual implementation including 'day-in-the life of x' scenarios thought upfront. This is exactly the Aline philosophy. We understand that you are unique and recognize your hunger for change. Combining both with the depth of our expertise and experience we advise you and guide you all along ensuring the money and efforts of your organization are well spent.

We have comprehensive implementation expertise in the following technologies:

  • Big-Data/IoT
  • Front-End and Mobility
  • SAP (incl. ERP, APO, BI, HANA & Fiori)
  • Kinaxis
  • JDA
  • Oracle (incl. eBusiness)
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Data Integration

Big data/IoT

Data is fast becoming the most valuable currency in this new data economy. It is critical to making your business more successful — and it has changed the game as we knew it. Aline's big data solutions allow you to not just change with the game, but win it — through improved customer experiences and business operations.

Quickly and efficiently transform all your data into opportunity with Aline ETL and analytics, data integration, data management and infrastructure solutions, which help you:

  • Use all the data that's relevant to solving your business problems — don't be limited by data silos.
  • Discover new customers, revenue streams and improved ways of doing business.
  • Reinvent your data ecosystem without starting over.

Become a more agile, connected organization with our comprehensive and modular big data solutions. Empower the right people to make the right decisions with all your data.

What we offer:

Analytics & Business Intelligence:Complex business problems require advanced analytical platforms. We can help run any analytics on any data anywhere, streaming or at rest, to drive better decisions across your organization. Data Integration: Eliminate fragmented analysis with a real-time view of all your data. Integrate over 160 data sources, regardless of the underlying data platform or its location (on- and off-premises).

Data Management:

Become more productive as you develop, administer and monitor various data platforms — structured and unstructured — from SAP® to Oracle® to Microsoft® SQL Server® to Hadoop® to Cassandra to MongoDB and many more.

We combine the power of easy-to-use front end technologies with the power of Spark framework that is highly agile, on-demand, fail-safe, SaaS & Cloud enabled with global reach to provide you with the ease and flexibility for quick adoption.


Our IoT services and solutions in supply chain are revolutionary and innovative. We are involved with various manufacturing companies to tightly integrate activities right from capturing information covering every activity in the manufacturing floor to providing integrated view for quicker, easier and centralized decision making. Some of the initiatives we are currently engaged in include:

  • Capture requirement for spare-parts for the machines in the field and transmit them to supply locations
  • Use of real-time critical components in the assembly floor incl. quality results and synchronizing with inventory management & logistics functions
  • Data collection, gathering, analytics and reporting of 'on-the-field' information to provide efficient support for services
  • Real time collection of product usage statistics and integrating them with maintenance & support services functions

Data Integration

Aline provides platform-independent B2B data integration and Platform integration software that tackles a wide variety of business integration requirements, without requiring custom code to implement, or specialized skill-set to manage. Aline also has deep expertise in other software tools and solutions that include:
  • Informatica
  • Oracle Warehousing & Data Integration (PL/SQL)
  • Teradata Integration
  • BigData, Spark, Hadoop
  • UNIX, Perl, Java etc.



Implement end-to-end business process across all line business with industry specific solutions

Choose from cloud, on-premise & hybrid deployment options.

Identify performance problem, compare alternative solutions and deploy best suited option

Get upgraded to best suited business solution without disrupting the existing foundation

Synchronize with the changing market conditions and customer demands

Gain connectivity and visibility into all arms of your organization in one seamless network.

Get BASIS Support across 14 industries

Mobile Applications for Small Business & specific industry requirements include: Big Data Management and Analysis, SAP S/4 HANA

Our comprehensive set of services include:

Streamline business with SAP's S/4 HANA Solutions and help the organization run like never before.

Business All-in-One solutions are designed to meet the needs of small to midsized business with industry-specific requirements. Aline's expertise and unique approach helps to optimize SAP Strategy Management, Rapid Deployment Solutions, Custom Integration of SAP Modules, and comprehensive SAP support.

Solution Details

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) - Efficiently manage financials, accounting, human resources, operations and corporate services.

Customer relationship management (CRM) - Grow customer relationships – from marketing, to sales, to service.

Supplier relationship management (SRM) - Optimize procurement and sourcing processes.

Business intelligence (BI) – Gain insight and improve decision making with tools for financial and operational reporting and analysis.

Certified Solutions – Aline certified solutions provide organizations with out-of-the box industry specific functionality in multiple industries including: Wholesale Distribution, Medical Device, CPRG- Durable Goods, Pharmaceutical, High Tech and Retail.


Proactively plan marketing and sales opportunities

Support new product and service development for existing and new markets

Excel in financial performance by strengthening internal controls

Gain connectivity and visibility into all aspects of the organization in one seamless network.


Aline's and SAP offer industry-specific SAP Business All-in-One solutions which can be easily configured to meet specific business requirements. Aline expertise ensures a rapid fixed cost implementation, with low risk, low cost and rapid return on investment.

Explore our industry solutions below and find the one designed to meet industry-specific needs:

  • Wholesale Distribution
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Life Science
  • Medical Device
  • Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)
  • High Tech
  • Durable Goods

Fast Start Program

Deploy solutions quickly with the Fast Start program from SAP and Aline specifically designed for budget minded companies.

We implement it in as few as 8 to 12 weeks and then quickly evaluate, acquire and implement the pre-configured, pre-installed software and hardware solution – while saving time, effort and money.

Speed time to value with an ERP solution that can be extended with integrated CRM and business intelligence functionality.

Benefit from easy–to–implement, pre–configured software– Lowering the total cost of ownership.

Select subscription-based hosting for a more affordable option

Get state–of–the–art applications and technology from SAP that are adaptable and scalable with growth.

Enhance the decision-making process with real-time data business intelligence & data visualization tools

Drive smarter processes, improve performance, and make informed decisions based on relevant information that can boost an organization's growth. Aline SAP BusinessObjects Intelligence (BI) solutions use various data sources to deliver high performance analytics on any device and across any platform. Avail real-time understanding of business with visualizations that help spontaneously explore and analyze Big Data in real time, extract insight from processes and social data, and access information anytime, anywhere. These analytics can be customized based on the enterprise's line of business and industry.


SAP BusinessObjects ExplorerMobile App- Enable users to access real-time business insights and respond to business queries anywhere, anytime on their mobile devices.

Update employees with the latest insights on business in order to take smarter and effective decisions

SAP Event Insight

With real-time streaming, receive alerts on mobile device and view information as events unfold.

Get a complete view of business events with information across the distributed network

Detect patterns that identify opportunities or threats by continuous processing of large volumes of raw data

Common BI semantic layer to connect complex events with structured and unstructured data and conclude business events

Provide real-time analysis of business events with a quick Business Intelligence of events as and when they occur


SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards Enable business users to access data from multiple live connections and present it visually in the form of graphs, charts, or diagrams.

Use interactive real-time ready dashboards for every user to track operations

Share interactive insights with any and all users across the business ecosystem

Plan scenarios using what-if analysis capabilities to optimize successful decision making

Use drag & drop and free-form design option to create dashboards

Extend the dashboard to include any custom visualization components using the Software Development Kit(SDK)


SAP BusinessObjects Explorer Bring the speed of internet search together with the analytical power of business intelligence for quick, informed decision making.

Google-like search using the keywords to find most relevant business information

Search data across all SAP & non-SAP platforms without any pre-defined report or query

Automatically generate charts - no need of data model or data knowledge

Use in-memory acceleration to boost the query runtime 5x than usual

Integrate with existing information management landscape

Easy sharing of information using email, embedded URL and other popular BI format


SAP BusinessObjects ExplorerMobile App Enable users to access real-time business insights and respond to business queries anywhere, anytime on their mobile devices.

Update employees with the latest insights on business in order to take smarter and effective decisions

SAP Event Insight With real-time streaming, receive alerts on mobile device and view information as events unfold.

Get a complete view of business events with information across the distributed network

Detect patterns that identify opportunities or threats by continuous processing of large volumes of raw data

Common BI semantic layer to connect complex events with structured and unstructured data and conclude business events

Provide real-time analysis of business events with a quick Business Intelligence of events as and when they occur

Business Intelligence

SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform Use a single platform with common semantic layer, security and delivery mechanism to deliver business insights.

BI widgets deliver at-a-glance business intelligence to a desktop

Manage promotion of BI content throughout its life cycle – development, testing and production

Mass audience distributor toll will personalize BI content in an automated and efficient manner

SAP BusinessObjects Live Office Combine SAP's Business Intelligence with the Microsoft Office environment

Use Microsoft Outlook to embed business intelligence directly in email messages

Reduce the BI delivery costs by catering to a large MS office user base and reuse content

Update the information directly into the documents

Leverage the best ERP software to gain a competitive edge & drive growth

SAP ERP solutions address the needs of an organization to administer and manage organizational operations for human capital management, financial excellence, operational excellence and a variety of other critical enterprise management issues.

Aline & SAP can help businesses achieve real-time insights, provide role-based access to critical data, applications, and analytical tools – to better execute business strategies. The SAP ERP application supports the essential functions of business processes and operations efficiently and is tailored to industry-specific needs. Lower administrative costs, increase transparency of operations and improve adherence to corporate, legal and regulatory requirements.

Finance ERP Overview


SAP ERP Financials are complete, industry-specific, scalable solutions that will enable teams to address the constantly changing financial reporting standards, improve cash flow and manage financial risks.


Accounting and financial close – Produce accurate quarterly and annual financial reports, while complying with evolving international accounting standards.

Receivables management – Sophisticated customer credit analysis, streamlined debt collection and seamless integration to improve accounts receivable management.

Invoice to pay – End-to-end invoice management system to streamline accounts payable processes, monitor payment status and ensure payment compliance.

Treasury and financial risk management – Utilize corporate treasury tools that work for financial risk management, regulatory compliance and cash flow and liquidity monitoring.

Shared services for finance – Improve control, visibility, regulatory compliance and get greater value from administrative resources with a financial shared services framework.

Travel management – Standardize corporate travel processes with a single travel management tool that drives efficiency resulting in significant savings.

Manage HR processes with an inclusive, integrated and global human capital management solution. With SAP ERP Human Capital Management (HCM), an enterprise will have the right tools to attract the right people, develop and leverage their talents, align their efforts with corporate goals and retain top performers. Increase HCM efficiencies with these key processes.



Strategic workforce management – Achieve business goals through the right resources, at the right time and the right price.

Service delivery –Individual services, shared services and mobile devices will deliver business content to the entire organization.

Talent management – Support the workforce throughout every phase of their employment, from recruitment and training, to development and retention.

Workforce analytics – Provide executives and HR professionals with real-time insight into the workforce through reporting and analysis tools.

Core HR and payroll – Essential workforce processes are streamlined and integrated on a global platform.


The SAP ERP Operations solution can help an enterprise achieve operational success in several key business areas. It is often the software foundation that contributes to excellence in procurement and logistics execution, product development and manufacturing and sales and service. Streamline day-to-day operations and sustain a competitive advantage through reduced costs, increased revenues, maximized profitability and improved customer service.


Operations analytics –Optimize the entire supply chain throughout extensive operations activities, improved revenues and increased customer satisfaction.

Procurement and logistics execution –Gain the ability to manage end-to-end procurement and logistics business processes for complete business cycles, from self-service requisitioning to flexible invoicing and payments. Optimize the physical flow of materials with SAP ERP Operations.

Product development and manufacturing –Perform production planning and manufacturing execution integrated with shop-floor systems, product development and life-cycle data management in a wide variety of industries.

Sales and service – Better manage customer-focused activities, from selling products and services, to managing professional-services delivery and internal processes like calculating incentives and commissions.

Accelerate innovation, maximize insight and utilize the incredible speed of SAP HANA in-memory technology to manage cloud-based apps from a single, open platform.

In-Memory Computing + Cloud = HANA

Gain visibility across the entire line of business, create new processes that weren't previously possible and drive growth.

The pace of business today is changing constantly and in order to survive the competitive environment, businesses needs real-time decision making capabilities with updated accessible data. SAP HANA helps convert businesses into a real-time enterprises, with in-memory applications for business and business intelligence in real-time. Make better informed decisions, cut costs and drive profitability using HANA's real-time operation analytics.


Process massive amounts of data with new insights and combine the built–in analytics of both SAP & 3rd party tools in order to meet user requirements

Merge business data along with geographical data in real-time to allow users to see, understand, and picture data

Avail various deployment options like on-premise, cloud and hybrid cloud

Various customized industry-specific & line of business – specific applications

Intoday's challenging business environment, companies are staying focused on their most valuable assets – their customers. Aline's SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) helps companies to manage their customers like never before. From marketing to sales to service, streamline every operation to improve efficiencies and deliver a better customer satisfaction.

Unlike other CRM software, the SAP CRM application helps companies to reduce cost and improve the quality of their business decision-making processes.


The SAP CRM solution enables a wide range of end-to-end business processes to address an array of marketing, sales and service situations. The functionality of SAP CRM is deployed step-by-step and easily adapts and extends to provide a more distinct customer experience.

Maximize customer satisfaction by delivering exceptional customer service while reducing service cost. The aim is to transform the contact center into a strategic delivery channel for marketing, sales and service efforts across all contact channels, while maximizing customer loyalty, reducing costs and boosting revenue.

Deliver high quality customer support with improved customer satisfaction

Allow customers to create new service tickets and track the existing ones

Streamline across all sales channels and end-to-end enterprise sales processes

Manage Partner channels effectively

Act on e-business trends and increase copetitiveness with better insight and analysis.

Improve customer convenience and control with powerful, intuitive self-services.


With SAP CRM, marketers have the tools they need to make essential business insights and intelligent decisions to drive demand and increase customer retention.


Standardize and streamline marketing process with a central marketing platform.

Accelerate marketing processes by aligning marketing resources effectively

Utilize customer loyalty programs to retain high-value customers.

Campaign management and E-marketing


With SAP CRM, transform direct and indirect sales force into a team of knowledgeable and trusted advisors


Maximized revenue growth.

Focused sales areas.

Use each customer interaction to optimize the value delivered and to increase loyalty.

Streamline all sales channels and end-to-end enterprise sales processes.


SAP CRM enhances customer satisfaction and reduces service costs by delivering exceptional customer service and streamlining service operations.


Resolve issues quickly by providing appropriate tools.

Easy access to information will boost field utilization.

Increase customer retention.

Offer relevant services and products based on insights into customer needs.


With SAP CRM, transform the enterprise's contact center into a strategic delivery channel for marketing, sales and service efforts across all contact channels, while maximizing customer loyalty, reducing costs and boosting revenue.


Utilize targeted, personalized telemarketing campaigns that will increase sales and extend market reach.

Resolve customer issues during the initial call and improve customer service.

Use all contact channels to provide a consistent customer experience.

Act on contact center operations and trends with better insight and analysis.


With SAP CRM, utilize the Internet and turn it into a tool to drive sales and increase channel interaction while offering consumers a personalized online experience and convenient self-services.


Use targeted, personalized e-marketing campaigns to drive customer loyalty and demand.

Improve customer convenience and control with powerful, intuitive self-services.

Deliver consistent and accurate product, pricing and customer information across all customer touch points reducing the cost of sales and support.

Act on e-business trends and increase competitiveness with better insight and analysis.

Use streamlined, end-to-end, order-to-cash processes to make reliable commitments.


With the SAP® CRM, IT companies have access to the IT Service Management application (SAP ITSM) enabling them to streamline their IT service operations. SAP ITSM facilitates key ITIL-compliant IT processes, such as incident and problem management, change and service asset management, knowledge management, financial management and more.


Track and resolve incidents and problems quickly and easily through a streamlined service desk.

Integrate SAP ERP Financials solution to manage the financials of IT.

Use the built-in analytics and add-on tools from the SAP BusinessObjects portfolio to gain insights into the IT service desk operations.

Use transparency to define and enforce service level agreements and to satisfy customers and stakeholders.

Run all IT support services (SAP-related and non-SAP-related) in an easy-to-use Web 2.0 application that supports native integration with the SAP Solution Manager.

Empower employees, customers, and stakeholders with mobile software from SAP. The mobile platform makes it easy to build & deploy user-centric mobile apps that work seamlessly across any mobile device for improved operations, increased loyalty, and reduced support costs.

Aline can help businesses access true, real-time data anytime, anywhere and on any device with SAP Enterprise Mobility. With unparalleled integration to the back end system, benefit from the wide range of mobile applications and infrastructure designed for business users and for those out in the field. Unwire the business with mobile solutions from SAP and Aline, to give employees and customers the flexibility and accessibility needed for greater productivity. Satisfy customers better with SAP mobile solutions, and provide employees with secure access to important tools, reports and data - anywhere, anytime.

Avail secure, consistent mobile access to back-end systems, and gain visibility into usage and operations

Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) by streamlining operations and processes

Protect against enterprise security risks and challenges at the device, app, and content levels

Boost productivity and better communication between employees, partners, networks & customers


Secure mobile devices, content & data with SAP's mobile device management solutions

Put the power of SAP's advanced mobile platform to work and give mobile employees secure access to real-time information

and processes anytime, on any device with Sybase Unwired Platform, Afaria and Sybase 365 from SAP. Aline offers competitive pricing and customized services for all of SAP's Mobility Platforms.


Secure mobile devices, content & data with SAP's mobile device management solutions

Put the power of SAP's advanced mobile platform to work and give mobile employees secure access to real-time information and processes anytime, on any device with Sybase Unwired Platform, Afaria and Sybase 365 from SAP. Aline offers competitive pricing and customized services for all of SAP's Mobility Platforms.

SAP Afaria

SAP Afaria is the trusted, robust solution for mobile device management, mobile application management, and mobile content management. Detect compromised devices, ensure compliance with security policies and engage mobile app analytics to protect mobile data 24/7.

Protect critical corporate data and ensure compliance with Afaria's scalable, secure architecture

Enhance security with the ability to remotely lock & wipe stolen or lost devices

Manage mobile deployments in the Cloud or On-Premise

Control Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) & corporate devices via a self-service portal

Gain insight into device statuses with mobile app analytics

Minimize user downtime by optimizing bandwidth and reducing maintenance disruptions.

Sybase Unwired

The Sybase Unwired Platform gives companies the tools it needs to drive mobile initiatives across the entire organization – with a development platform that is consistent, but highly adaptable to changing business needs. Companies can create and manage multiple apps on a mobile enterprise platform that securely connects the data sources to all major device types.

Exchange data between traditional back-end systems to multiple mobile devices.

Use a single development platform to create enterprise-grade applications.

Empower workers to access enterprise applications on corporate or personal devices.

Enhance application security while protecting data with end-to-end encryption.


appsFreedom™ is the quick, easy enterprise mobility solution, designed to bring the robust world of enterprise and business systems to mobile devices. Users across the company and around the globe can access information anywhere, anytime quickly and securely. These pre-packaged, pre-integrated apps provide users with a wide variety of secure, single-task activities in SAP.

Streamline business processes, while becoming more nimble, flexible and responsive to changing business environments.

salesFreedom™ – Give sales representative instant access to view new leads, manage current opportunities, update customer records, or view analytics on product sales or territory performance.

procurementFreedom™ – Synchronize between desktop and mobile device to access and manage real-time purchase requisitions, purchase orders, approval status and other workflow activity.

workflowFreedom™ – Securely access and manage a multiple process documents such as orders, requisitions, travel requests, expense reports, credit/debit memos, return requests and more.

analyticsFreedom™ – Get real-time business intelligence from enterprise system data with a bird's-eye view of KPIs through analytics and reporting features.

Line of Business

Leverage the power of integrated, intuitive & flexible mobile applications

SAP's wide range of mobile apps, customizable to line of business, will help organizations boost efficiency and productivity – making it easy for employees to accomplish daily tasks anytime and anywhere from their smartphone, tablet or other mobile device.


Work from any mobile device with the efficient sales software that provides fast, reliable access to data. Whether at a customer site or on the road, sales professionals can use the SAP mobile sales apps to access accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, activities, quotes, orders and analytics.


Engage in more face-to-face sales through increased productivity.

Access data immediately, accelerate decision making and collaborate in real–time.

Increase profitability through improved sales management and forecasting.

Increase order size and customer satisfaction by identifying up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

Create quotes and apply discounts empowering field sales with these customer insights.

Increase the return on investment in SAP CRM with more frequent mobile use.


The SAP Workflow app gives mobile business users quick and efficient access to business processes through a single, secure email application. With their smartphone, tablet or other mobile device, users can leverage a familiar and intuitive inbox experience and take action on critical business processes in a timely manner, regardless of where they are.


Provide employees with real-time access to contextual information and key systems.

Increase task and information worker productivity.

Improve decision making in the field and all levels of the organization.

Extend the value of enterprise applications with mobile accessibility.

Use centralized device management to gain full control of a wide range of devices and applications.

Drive mobile initiatives across the entire organization through enterprise-grade applications.

Time & Expense

SAP Travel Expense Approval Mobile App

Enable managers to process travel expense reports anytime, anywhere and speed up decision making and responsiveness. With SAP Travel Expense Approval, powered by Sybase Unwired Platform, managers can view and approve or reject travel expense reports from their mobile devices.


Receive notification of travel expense reports awaiting approval.

View manager workflows for lists of all travel expense approvals.

Ensure adherence to company policy by viewing policy violation details.

Approve or reject travel expense reports and add comments.

SAP Travel Receipt Capture Mobile App

Simplify expense reporting and reduce the administrative overhead of working through receipts after employee travel. With SAP Travel Receipt Capture, powered by the Sybase Unwired Platform, business travelers can record, organize, submit and track expenses during a trip, direct from their mobile device.


Create travel expense entries as they happen.

Capture receipt photos and record voice notes for expenses.

Send expense entries and attachments to the back-office system


Capitalize on flexibility and efficiency with Industry Mobile Apps from SAP and Aline. These mobile apps are designed to address the unique challenges and opportunities facing individual industries.

Explore Aline's industry-specific mobile applications:

Wholesale Distribution

Medical Devices


Consumer Products


The new, modern role-based user experience for SAP software

SAP Fiori is the newest UX powered by innovation, combined with deep business knowledge and supported with the latest UI technology to provide simple & intuitive mobile applications. Enhance user productivity and personalization for any existing SAP Business Suite or SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA investments and realize the seamless user experience.


Role based applications – designed and customized for businesses and its needs

Responsiveness – work from anywhere, anytime, on any device

Simple & Coherent – provide employees, customers & partners with one seamless, integrated experience

SAP Fiori includes transactional apps that allow users to perform transaction tasks, analytical apps that provide users role-based insight into key performance indicators, and fact sheets that display contextual information and key facts about central objects used in business operations.

Drive revenues, lower costs & boost performance with EPM Software

Explore SAP's EPM solutions to improve organizations' ability to respond to market conditions, drive profitability and streamline business processes. Achieve business objectives and ensure compliance with fewer errors and lower costs.

Aline's SAP EPM solutions help enterprises leverage innovations in mobile, in-memory and on cloud technologies. Create agile plans that support key initiatives, analyze performance to optimize profitability and disclose results faster with fewer errors.

Aline's SAP EPM solutions help enterprises leverage innovations in mobile, in-memory and on cloud technologies. Create agile plans that support key initiatives, analyze performance to optimize profitability and disclose results faster with fewer errors.

Exceed stakeholder expectations from objectives to operational metrics

Accelerate planning, consolidating and forecasting activities

Boost profitability & growth with better decision making

Automate processes and generate accurate financial reports

Deploy in cloud or use mobile technology for faster time to value & high levels of engagement

Leverage Industry Best Practices

Streamline enterprise planning and compliance operations effectively

Accelerate enterprise planning and consolidated financial reporting processes, and quickly adjust forecasts, shorten budget cycle time, close books faster, and ensure compliance with regulatory financial standards.

SAP BPC companies with the planning, budgeting & forecasting capabilities, and legal consolidation functionalities to allow for better informed decision making.


Intuitive Interfaces that leverage Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint or other web-based interfaces

Automated, Consolidated Business Process Flows to enable consistency & visibility and speed the financial close

Compliance & Auditing to comply with regulations such as GAAP and International Financial Reporting Standards

What-if Analysis & Scenario Planning to assess different potential outcomes

Variance Reporting to compare plans vs. actual results and determine cause of variances

(Similar type of easy diagram which is graphically better than this can be used.)

The SAP® Supplier Relationship Management (SAP SRM) application accelerates the procure-to-pay processes for goods and services through simplification and automation. With SAP SRM, companies can improve their bottom line by bringing innovative offerings to the market and reducing procurement costs, building collaborative supplier relationships and better managing their supply bases.


Companies are strengthening supplier relationships and making procurement a more strategic partner in the organization. As part of the SAP Business Suite family, SAP SRM delivers the tools needed to take that next step by automating the goods and services procure-to-pay processes and extending the value delivered by SAP Business Suite.

SAP SRM Features Include:

Procure to pay – Perform the operational activities of procurement, including self-service, plan-driven, e-procurement and services procurement.

Centralized sourcing –Increased visibility into the demand for goods and services from multiple back-end systems.

Centralized contract management – Consolidate contract information across multiple systems and regions, distribute contract usage and ensure optimal contract selection.

Supplier collaboration and Evaluation – Link suppliers to purchasing processes.

Procure to Pay

With SAP SRM, have a variety of deployment options for purchase order management and perform manual requisitioning.Enjoy the benefits of e-procurement without losing back-end ERP processes.

Key Functionalities:

Requisitioning – Create requisitions manually / automatically with SAP SRM through a materials requisition process run.

Order management – Perform order generation and tracking including assigning sources of supply and validating restrictions.

Receiving – Prepare for processes such as automated financial settlement by capturing the process of receiving goods and services.

Financial settlement – Use tools for invoice management, evaluated receipt settlement and invoice payment to better handle financial transactions through SAP SRM and SAP ERP.


Expand to the next level of added value in the complete purchasing cycle by enabling yourself to automate sourcing processes. With Centralized Sourcing, streamline the bidding processes and enable collaboration with suppliers for faster and increased savings capture.

Key Functionalities:

Supplier qualification –Perform continuous evaluations and select preferred suppliers for particular products and categories with SAP SRM.

Supplier negotiation – Effectively use auction and bidding techniques for event preparation, requests for quotation and reverse auctions.

Bid evaluation and awarding – Perform robust bid evaluation, including weighted score analysis. Use side-by-side comparisons of bids to evaluate proposals and evaluate them based on price as well as delivery times, experience with the supplier, dependability and ability to deliver.


SAP® SRM provides access to all contracts through a secure repository, enabling procurement to monitor, identify and reduce maverick buying. SAP SRM can also act as a centralized warehouse for all operational procurement contracts, when integrated with the SAP ERP application.

SAP SRM evaluates requirements and identifies the optimal contract to fill a specified need, taking into consideration such factors as price, delivery time and location. It also enables to have multiple types of discounts, such as value discounts, quantity-based stepladder discounts, group discounts or rebates based on aggregated released values.

Key Functionalities:

Contract creation – Generate an operational contract from a bidding event, renewal or net new opportunity.

Contract execution – Achieve realized savings through the use of contracts as a "source of supply" across SAP SRM

Contract monitoring – Use configurable alerts to track contract performance and compliance to agreed-upon terms and conditions.


Link suppliers to the purchasing processes through the supplier portal in SAP® SRM. With the application, companies have the ability to choose the optimal interaction channel for numerous business processes and documents and can collaborate more effectively with suppliers in supplier-facing processes.

Key Functionalities:

Document exchange – Exchange documents in any format seamlessly across the various systems through general-purpose adapters that facilitate messaging between SAP and non-SAP systems.

Supplier portal management – Use content provided by a suite of Web-enabled services to give suppliers direct access to their customers' SAP and non-SAP applications.

Supplier collaboration – Make integration with suppliers of all sizes economically. It becomes easy for suppliers to update and manage their transactions

The next generation SAP Cloud Services for Business

Transform the organization with the new innovative Cloud offerings that will drive profitability, boost growth and provide a competitive edge. Engage customers, employees, networks and partners with SAP's cloud-based applications to manage the entire organization effortlessly.

Adapt to constantly changing market dynamics, satisfy customer expectations, supervise and seamlessly integrate business processes– HR, Finance, Production etc. – entirely on Cloud with the most comprehensive cloud computing portfolio that 35 million business users are already using!

AP Cloud Applications

Achieve the flexibility, choice, and control needed to drive innovation and agility. Our SAP's cloud applications are built by leveraging industry expertise and global reach to execute busines

Extend existing on-premise investments with SAP Cloud

Unique hybrid deployment and solution options to meet the required business needs

Utilize the consumer-like user experience to drive collaboration and results for employees, customers, suppliers, and other partnerss strategies at scale and adapt processes easily.

HCM Application

SuccessFactors end-to-end cloud HCM platform provides enterprises with a full talent suite, core HR and workforce analytics.


Streamline accounting, gain transparency and insight to performance across the organization to make better informed decisions.


Ariba's solutions in spend analysis, sourcing, contract management, electronic invoicing and supplier management help businesses control spending & collaborate with suppliers effectively.

Sales, Service & Marketing

Equip sales representatives, marketing and service teams to work seamlessl

SAP® Certified Solutions from Aline are targeted industry specific solutions that help companies improve the efficiency of core processes, increase business agility and capitalize on new opportunities.


Supply Chain Management is experiencing a period of rapid change and influence within organizations. The main aim is not only to reduce costs but also to have competitive advantage, financial return and demand driven operational and innovational excellence.

Aline a premium provider of end-to-end Supply Chain consulting services. Our expertise in both strategic and tactical supply chain services, assist our clients in realizing the full potential of their supply chain investments.

Our understanding of the industry and recognition of the challenges faced locally while competing globally, helps customer optimize their services.


Aline provides the following Supply Chain services to our Clients.

Supply Chain Solutions

Supply Chain Strategic Planning

Supply Chain Management

Planning, Process Layout and Engineering

Material Handling Design

Labor Performance

Retail Operations

Port and Global Operations

Equity and VC Advisory M&A Services

Hardware and Software Solutions

Supply Chain Execution Systems Selection

Systems Support and Annual Maintenance

Software Integration and Implementation

Hardware and Mobile Systems

Project Management

Reverse Channel Strategy Services

System Selection and Implementation

Aline and SAP offer industry-specific SAP Business All-in-One solutions which can be easily configured to meet specific business requirements. Aline's expertise ensures a rapid fixed cost implementation, with low risk, low cost and rapid return on investment.

In today's complex and evolving operating environment, a company's ability to realize the benefits of strategic supply chain planning and streamlining business operations is becoming ever more reliant upon the setup, configuration, robustness and flexibility of powerful supply chain software and technology solutions. Nobody understands this better than Aline .

We have specialized knowledge and domain expertise across the industry's leading supply chain solutions. Our focus has been and will continue to be on these platforms:

SAP Supply Chain Suite

Manhattan Associates Supply Chain Suite

Red Prairie Supply Chain Suite

JDA/i2 Technologies

Sterling Commerce Supply Chain Suite

Oracle Supply Chain Suite


Experience shows that the benefits of a well designed and implemented Supply Chain Management strategy is substantial. Successfully implemented projects have provided benefits such as:

Reduction of Transportation, Warehousing and Distribution Costs

Lean Processing from Supplier to Customer

Reduced Direct and Indirect Labor Costs

Optimized Stock Levels

Increased Material Flow Velocity

Accurate Job Costing and Scheduling

Streamlined Purchasing Control

Increased Decision Making Speed and Responsiveness to Demand Change

Increased Customer Service

Increased Inventory Availability, Customer Order Fill Rates and Accuracies and Services

Reduced Operations Support Costs

Reduced Inventory Carrying Costs

Improved Productivity of Procurement Operations

Improved Quality of Products and Services

Your Front-End Development Team

Whether you're looking for an external development partner, or expert developers to integrate with your in-house team, we'll provide the right talent for your project. Our team of front-end developers not only supply technical expertise, but make sure your project is done the right, efficient and optimal way.

Solutions in context: There's no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to software. However, there is a solution that fits each individual opportunity. We're here to help you find it.

Superior quality: Employ a team that takes ownership of your solution, delivering the highest quality work: reliable, relevant and future-proof.

System Transformation: Leverage our emerging technology expertise, let us help you re-platform your solution. Transform legacy products into modern, full-featured software solutions.

Our Technology Expertise:

  • HTML 5- Managing and maximizing the content on your website: SEO, Local Storage, Canvas, Audio & Video
  • CSS3 - The code behind your application's aesthetics: Responsive Design, Animation, Modular CSS
  • JAVASCRIPT - Making your application's components dynamic and interactive: Angular.j, React.j, Animatio, Automation
  • SERVER & SERVICE INTEGRATION - Streamline communication between your users and services leveraging cutting-edge technologie: AJAX, RESTful Web Service, NodeJS
  • RESPONSIVE DESIGN - Deliver the ideal user experience through every connected device: Bootstrap, Foundation
  • SINGLE PAGE APPLICATIONS- Design powerful marketing and promotional sites using technologies that make them shin: Angular.j, Ember.js, Backbone.js

Our Approach to Mobile Development: Redefining Mobility

Next-Generation mobile app development goes far beyond the smartphone. It is now essential to also engineer consistent experiences for the wrist, car, television, tablet and beyond.

Our Areas of Expertise:

Mobile UI/UX Design: Design award worthy app experiences leveraging our expertise in advanced touch-prototyping and usability testing

Mobile Technologies: Tap into all the capabilities of mobile devices to achieve breathtaking capabilities in your next app

Cross-Platform App Development: Deliver the best possible user experience on both iOS and Android through our innovative approach to cross-platform development

5-Star iOS Development: Leverage our team's expertise in Objective C and Swift to build 5-star iOS apps that integrate advanced features like HealthKit, Location Services, Core Motion and more

Superior Android Development: Create powerful native Android apps leveraging our team's superior expertise in Android best practices, material design and Marshmallow OS

Xamarin Forms Development: Enterprise grade cross-platform apps with up to 99% shared code using Xamarin Forms. Reduce time to market, increase ROI and simplify long-term maintenance

Device Cloud Testing: Improve quality and save time with automated device cloud testing on Amazon Device Farm and Xamarin Test Cloud


As a leading provider of supply chain, retail and omni-channel solutions to more than 4,000 customers worldwide, JDA enables its clients to reduce costs, increase profitability and improve collaboration so they can deliver on their customer promises every time.

Aline is a leading, full-service JDA solutions provider. We specialize in integrating Supply Chain Business Optimization with JDA technology. Our staff of JDA professionals has the know-how to help you leverage your JDA investment to increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, maintain business continuity, and maximize the return on your JDA investment dollars. Beyond Plug-and-Play, Aline is a respected JDA services provider that combines rich supply chain industry expertise with an in-depth knowledge of the JDA application suite to deliver comprehensive functional and technical solutions for leading companies in industries that include:

Chemical & Energy, Consumer Electronics, Consumer Products & Food / Beverage, High-Tech & Telecommunications Equipment, Industrial Manufacturing & Distribution, Medical & Pharmaceutical, and Retail & Apparel. In tune with your unique business needs, Aline has provided Strategic Planning, Solution Optimization, Application Implementation, and Managed Services Support services for companies ranging from mainframe to the web; client server to the cloud. As one of the most successful implementers of JDA Eight, Aline has developed a reputation for delivering quality solution implementations that significantly improve our client's bottom line. Whether you want a best-in-class implementation partner or a managed services provider to operate and maintain your solution, Aline recognizes the complexities of your industry and your unique business needs..

We specialize in helping clients successfully deploy, optimize and upgrade the JDA/RedPrairie suite of Intelligent Fulfillment solutions:

S&OP/IBP: Leverage S&OP/IBP as a framework to coordinate end-to-end collaborative planning and coordination between finance, sales, marketing, product development, and supply chain functions to align plans and improve decision making.

Demand Planning: Begin the supply chain planning processes by predicting future demand based on qualitative and quantitative techniques – create a proactive, accurate demand forecast that becomes the basis for downstream planning activities.

Inventory Optimization: Enable the strategic positioning of safety stock and strategic inventory buffers in the supply chain by leveraging leading technologies and processes that help supply chain managers balance cost, service, and lead-time objectives.

Demand Fulfillment: Use the supply plan to drive sales, revenue, and customer satisfaction by giving customers consistent, dependable promise dates, without sacrificing business priorities.

Allocation Planning/ Management: Accurately determine when and where to adjust capacity to more effectively manage costs and customer service across flexible global manufacturing and distribution networks.

Factory/Shop Floor Planning: Optimally plan each machine, resource at your disposal to ensure activity based planning, JIT and KANBAN principles to make the right product at the right time minimizing waste, maximizing revenue.

Master Data Management: Efficiently and centrally manage all of the requirement master data and transaction data to ensure data-reuse, optimal data storage and efficient data orchestration.

Warehouse Management: Manage efficient operations to cost-effectively respond to customer demand while managing risk and quality objectives.

Transportation Management: Ensure optimal use of available transportation modes, nodes and network to ship the right material to the right place using the right mode in right sizes/quantities earning superior customer services while minimizing costs. Make better decisions on where to locate facilities and how to source demand across global supply networks.

Our Services in JDA span the following areas:

Discover: Discover the problems in our Client's Supply Chain business by benchmarking against industry best practices and latest trends.

Design: Collaborating closely with clients design a solution that fits to the clients needs, this includes Process, Tool and Technical (software & hardware)

Execute: Develop and configure the solution to ensure it meets defined business requirements.

Deliver: Support testing phases and ensure solution acceptance by the Business.

Support: Provide Run services for implemented solution.

Enhance: Provide ongoing enhance and refine services ensuring continuous wider and deeper acceptance of the the implemented solution.

Change Management: Provide necessary Change Management support making sure the organization understands and accepts implemented solution.

We combine our proven JDA/RedPrairie functional and technical expertise with strong operations and engineering knowledge to help clients increase productivity, reduce costs and strengthen competitive advantage.

As a member of the JDA Alliance Council, we collaborate with JDA regarding product features and functions, implementation methodology, and more.

For more information on JDA's solutions, please click on jda.com

Our Solution:

Aline offers an intuitive, easy-to-use, template driven, easy-to-configure and customize solution to enable smooth end to end RFx process covering following features:

  • Identify potential suppliers to initiate Request For Information
  • Collaborative process across multiple departments including Global Procurement, Legal, product etc. to short list the candidates
  • Work with them to gather Request For Proposals
  • Consolidate suppliers and proceed with Request for Quote
  • Collaborative Process across the departments to pick the winner.

Our RFx solution is one of the big breakthroughs in strategic sourcing automation â€" enabled via the introduction of collaborative supplier portals.


Aline enjoys strategic partnership status with Kinaxis and we are proud to serve some of the largest implementations of Kinaxis RapidResponse solution covering end to end Supply Chain functions. Our expertise in Kinaxis solution spans well over 15+ years. We offer wide variety of services in Kinaxis RapidResponse solution that include the following:

Business Process:

  • Demand Planning (including Statistical Forecasting)
  • S&OP
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Demand Supply Balancing
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Attribute based Planning
  • Capacity Planning and Master Production Scheduling
  • Supply & Material Requirements Planning and Collaboration
  • Reporting & Analytics


  • RapidReponse Cloud or on-site
  • Installation, Upgrade
  • RapidResponse Administration
  • RapidReponse Change Management and Release Control
  • RapidReponse Optimization, Tuning
  • RapidResponse Data Change Alert Implementation
  • RapidResponse MSA (Data Integration Services)
  • RapidResponse Workbook Authoring
  • RapidResponse Reporting & Analytics
  • RapidResponse Scenario Planning and What-if implementation
  • RapidReponse System Administration
  • RapidResponse User Administration
  • RapidResponse Data Administration
  • RapidResponse Data Model Design & Validation

All of our consultants are Kinaxis Certified and we have implemented and supported some of the challenging implementations in RR. We offer both Application Development (incl. Project Management) and Application Support services in Kinaxis RR.

Oracle Ebiz

The implementation of an integrated Enterprise Resources Planning system, such as Oracle E-Business Suite, allows organizations to have an integrated management system that incorporates new technologies, enables maximum accessibility to information and ensures the establishment of global procedures that support the requirements of the organization from a unified perspective.

As an Oracle Platinum Partner, Aline offers a complete portfolio of services, ranging from installation of the product to post-production support, through change management, infrastructure studies, implementations of the solution, versions upgrades, and integration with other solutions, training and roll outs.

Our team of consultants is made up of excellent professionals that have proven experience in implementation, upgrades and custom development projects within Oracle E-Business Suite. A broad knowledge of the functionality and features of the Oracle Suite have helped Aline to reach a leader position in the market, becoming a specialist partner in financial processes and supply chain management.

Aline Services specializes in R11 or R12 E-Business applications. Oracle's E-Business Suite (EBS) is Oracle's most comprehensive suite of integrated, global business applications. EBS has deep functionality to meet the needs of diverse clients. Aline Services has a robust EBS practice with a decades of experience across many industry verticals. Whether upgrading to a new release, converting from a legacy system or converting from other Oracle ERP applications, Aline Services should be the choice to help you navigate your way to success.

Implementation of Business Processes

Oracle E-Business Suite is an integrated set of modules built on a centralized financial platform supporting the core functions of the business, such as the generation of accounting information, the management of customers and suppliers, taxes, payments and inter-company accounting. The integration between the modules in the suite allows control of the main processes of economic management. It enables organizations to reduce errors and eliminate inefficiencies in the implementation of their economic management processes.

Advanced Procurement: Oracle Advanced Procurement provides one of the most complete solutions of purchasing of the industry and simplifies the procure-to-pay process through the management of contracts, tools of self-service for employees and suppliers, and the automation of provisioning rules. Compared to traditional purchasing processes, often inefficient and that require a high load of administrative tasks, the suite of procurement provides e-procurement, allowing organizations purchasing departments to devote their time to value-added tasks.

Supply Chain Management : Oracle Supply Chain Management is an integrated, modular solution that offers enterprises a common platform that allows anticipating the requirements of the market and the risks of the supply chain, modeling demand through events and promotions analyze sales in real time and optimize the management of the supply chain by aligning demand, manufacturing, storage and service to the client. Modules include: iProcurement, iSupplier Portal, Sourcing, Supplier Lifecycle Management, Inventory, Product Lifecycle Management, Enterprise Asset Management, Discrete Management, Flow Management, Manufacturing Operations Center, Shop Floor Management, Transportation Management, Warehouse Management, Demand Management, Production Scheduling, Strategic Network Optimization, Order Management, Advanced Pricing, Configurator

Project Management : Including Project Billing, Project Contracts, Project Collaboration, Project Costing, Project Management, Project Portfolio Analysis, Project Resource Management, Time and Labor

Application Administration and Maintenance

The experience of our consultants combined with their high knowledge of the modules comprising the Suite allow us to offer our clients services of administration, maintenance and upgrade of version of Oracle E - Business Suite such as:

  • Environment administration: database, application server and concurrent managers.
  • Environment cloning and events monitoring.
  • Impact analysis, application of patches and upgrade of versions.
  • Development of customizations and extensions on the standard functionality.
  • Incident management and parameterization maintenance.
  • Installation of environments and definition of high availability architectures.

Reporting and Analytics

Driving organizational excellence, competitive advantage and proactive decision-making - Leading organizations regard their data as an invaluable enterprise asset. They know it can help them transform the way they do business.

The ability to make evidence-based decisions and gain insights their competitors may not have gives these companies a competitive edge. Very soon, the ability to make decisions quickly is woven into the fabric of these organizations. They leverage their data to report and analyze what's happened in the past and to determine the best course of future action.

Leading organizations go beyond traditional reporting and analytics that rely on transaction-level data by also leveraging their unstructured data (i.e., emails, social media, text messages, video, etc.), driving excellence in all phases of their operations.

Retrospective reporting and analytics

Effective retrospective reporting and analytics is a "must have." It provides you with a window to the past and why things happened. Dashboards, scorecards and interactive reporting and analytics facilitate understanding of the root causes of events, identify potential design process improvements and enable you to take corrective action.

Near real-time reporting and alerts

Today, organizations need the ability to intervene and take immediate action. Near real-time reporting and alerts help you minimize quality control issues, improve consumer satisfaction and optimize revenue opportunities. Near real-time analytics can provide the alerts and decision-making capabilities that can immediately improve your operations.

Exploratory analytics

Understanding the cause and effect of events can enable your organization to make truly insightful decisions and drive innovative solutions. Despite most organizations' wealth of information, however, establishing correlations between data can be difficult.

Exploratory analytics

Understanding the cause and effect of events can enable your organization to make truly insightful decisions and drive innovative solutions. Despite most organizations' wealth of information, however, establishing correlations between data can be difficult.

Exploratory analytics can provide the framework that makes these insights possible. From data mining to statistical analysis to developing the algorithms for predictive models, exploratory analytics offers powerful capabilities that can help your organization drive innovation.

Predictive analytics

Imagine being able to see more clearly into the future. That ability would represent a true competitive advantage.

Predictive analytics enables you to do just that. By leveraging internal and external data, you can develop models and applications with a wide range of uses in operations, finance, sales and marketing. Developing an effective product mix, executing targeted marketing, optimizing plant operations and managing financial risk are just a few ways advanced analytics can help your organization.

Big data

Ever-increasing volumes of data, the explosion of unstructured data and the need for quick access to information for decision-making makes using data much harder. Most organizations can only tap into a small percentage of the data available to them.

Big data capabilities help organizations address data's increasing complexity and provide the framework to truly harness the breadth and depth of your data to drive competitive advantage and innovation.

We use combination of Tableu, Qlikview, SAP BI, Cognos etc. to offer above solutions