We are a mid-size professional services company providing comprehensive Supply Chain Transformation services. Over 15 years, we have been passionate about Supply Chain, helping companies reinvent themselves in all areas of E2E Supply Chain functions from global planning to enterprise wide execution. We specialize in Strategic Consulting, Business process Optimization Services, System/ Solutions Implementation, Application Support, Change Management and Organizational transformation. Our strengths lie in deep industry expertise, acute know-how of latest trends in supply chain & IT and how they enable core business transformation.

Our Advantage:

We Listen! Besides, we bring in-depth understanding of industry trends in the market place and 'what' is making the market leaders succeed. We take a 'fresh' look at your organization's supply chain processes and provide you with candid assessment of where you are with industry standard score cards. We will work with you to clearly understand your goals and make practical recommendations. And working with you we will help you realize this transformation with a positive impact to your company's bottom-line.

Our Approach:

Identifying Client's Needs: We listen closely to our clients specific needs focusing on understanding and solving their problems and assisting them to fulfill their potential.

Balanced Approach:

The balanced blend of business and technical skills combined with a strategic planning approach to individual projects, delivers a high quality and practical end result to our clients and their businesses.

Positive Outcome:

Our consulting philosophy and approach is focused on providing our clients with the best possible advice that will assist them in achieving the goals and objectives.

Informed Business Advice:

We provide independent advice which identifies issues, options and refine strategies that add value to each stage of a businesses development.

Client Partnering:

We are committed to "partnering" with our clients to ensure their ongoing success.

Executive Involvement:

Aline's senior executives will directly engage with your top management, adopting a hands on approach to each engagement.


We apply the highest levels of discretion and confidentiality to all work undertaken for our clients.


The direct involvement of the executives from Aline Consulting enables rapid and flexible response to situations that may occur where decisive and impromptu decisions need to be made. At Aline Consulting we are proactive and responsive to these needs.

Prices & Quotes:

Aline Consulting are able to offer a range of fee structures to our clients that are designed to meet their needs. These structures include:- Daily & hourly rates and Ongoing retainer.

Success Based Fee:

Prior to commencement of any engagement, Aline Consulting will provide clients with an engagement letter outlining our fee structure along with the terms and conditions of the assignment.


Since early 2000, we have been passionately helping many companies, from multinationals to local businesses, find edge to compete in a fast changing landscape by helping them reinvent themselves. Be it finding new ways of organizing, adopting new ways of working, streamlining complex product folios, reducing waste, procuring right, getting better end to end visibility or adopting new business solutions, Organizations trusted Aline.

Aline's experience spans across multiple industries covering process (such as paper and steel), discrete manufacturing (such as high-tech and manufacturing), and retail (CPG and Food and Beverage). We served various clients ranging from large conglomerates to medium sized businesses and small companies.

Our typical engagements tend to be 'holistic'. We engage with clients right from defining the right strategy to implementing right initiatives to transform business operations and developing required technical tools/decision support systems. We also provide on-going support services to ensure systems are operating at required service levels. We help define the KPI by clearly understanding organization's objectives and implement necessary framework to implement, manage, track and continually transform, ensuring effective end-to-end transformation of supply chain operations.

The trust that clients bestow upon us and the long-term relationships that we have established with our clients is a true testament to our true potential and to the value that we bring to our clients. Our goal always has been to improve our client's business's performance and provide strategic path for successful business outcomes.

Below illustration captures key milestones in this aspiring journey:



Aline employs about 200+ people globally serving various clients across the globe. Our people form the core of business operations, and Aline continually invests in the people to ensure the company is up-to-date in the latest trends and technologies. Most of our consultants are supply chain certified and we take utmost interest to ensure our consultants at the cutting edge of technology.


Our company is lead by exceptional top talent who together have in depth experience serving varied companies innovate and transform in competitive market place. The company is a privately owned organization by a consortium.

The following is a list of key people in key management roles:

  • Inkeri Arjola: Managing Director Europe
  • Jonathan Mithcell: EVP, US Operations
  • CS Rao: Managing Director, India & Rest of Asia Operations

Our Difference

Aline's core expertise is supply chain transformation. We combine our deep supply chain transformation know-how across various industries with our broad technical capability in this area to deliver unique solutions to our clients. Our global presence and highly skilled distributed work force enables us to be highly competitive in our pricing and in the cost of delivery for our clients. We provide the best expertise required at a highly competitive price, as most of our people are certified consultants both in the Supply Chain processes and related tools/applications. We are technology neutral when it comes to solution delivery and our innovative solution design combined with simplicity and end-to-end thinking always yielded results sometimes exceeding our clients' expectations.

The four pillars of our success include:

  • Think Holistic: We think beyond what-we-see. We ask in-depth questions to better understand your goals & objectives and ensure that your problem is clearly defined and better understood. We assess the problem from various dimensions- company's strategy, its people, supply chain business processes and technology landscape. We assess the problem in integrated manner by clearly understanding the implications. This approach provides us with a unique capability to understand organization's problem in holistic manner.
  • Design Unique Solutions: Though there are standard templates, best-in-class practices we tailor our solutions to unique nature of how our clients operate. Every organization is unique and presents distinct challenges in transformation journey. We closely work with each of clients to better understand the problem in its entirety. We engage at all levels of the organization and assess processes end to end. We take a fresh look at the enterprise wide systems, data, interfaces and integration landscape. Understanding such bigger picture, the overall goals and objectives of the program we then design unique solution that rightly fits your organization. We strike the right balance between process re-engineering, application standardization vs customization and data integration. Our overall goal is always to deliver an effective solution that also has minimal Total Cost of Ownership. We value simplicity and efficiency – these values form the core of our solution delivery.

    Besides, working closely with you we also define the implementation strategy, roll out strategy and also advise you on the required change management and training in order to bring the organization onboard. Working closely with you, we will define the key performance measures to track both measurable (direct) and non-measurable (in-direct) benefits – an effort that ensures that the journey we together are going to take is the right one for your Company.

  • Establish Trust: Our engagement philosophy is always to provide to our clients with an honest, open, practical advice. Once an implementation path is finalized then we duly follow up ensuring we deliver on the promises we have mutually agreed upon. Such an approach has always led to establishing an un-breakable trust between us and each of our clients. The way our clients engage us on a continual basis with additional work and constantly reach out to us for an honest unbiased suggestion for their future activities is a testament to how we work. We always prioritize our clients' strategic objectives, interests and goals and ensure that each of our actions is guided to meet those targets.
  • Deliver on Commitments: From our experience, every engagement and transformation journey has an element of Risk associated with it. The differentiator between successful outcomes from unsuccessful ones is how the risk is managed during the realization phase. Aline has proven expertise in this area managing risk efficiently from large engagements to smaller ones. The results that we delivered and the performance improvements that our clients have realized in terms of measurable business outcomes following our engagement reinforce our expertise. We are always laser focused on the delivery by focusing duly on the higher objectives and principles that we have agreed upfront. We minimize the noise during the realization phase by committing ourselves on delivering the ultimate outcome. As there bound to be scope changes or changes in requirements during the course of implementation, we will not hold our clients accountable for reasonable changes that can easily be accommodated within the existing timelines. For more significant changes, we always initiate a dialogue and tackle the impact in mutually beneficial and agreeable manner. For us, delivering on the commitments and laser focused on the big picture always come first. We are committed to continually deliver value and results for our clients.


Though headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, Aline operates globally with office locations in USA, India, Canada, Mexico, Germany and France. We leverage the power of global work force to deliver cost effective solutions. Aline leverages global presence effectively to provide 24x7 services to our clients and provide local support in a global program delivery.

Our Office Locations:

Finland: Aline Consulting Oy
10 Pietarinkatu
00130 Helsinki FI
Phone: +358 9 2316 3126.
Email: contact@aline-consulting.com
India: Aline Consulting Pvt Ltd.
2nd Floor, HNO: 1-98/9/3/32S
Plot No: 50, Silicon Valley Layout
Madhapur, Hyderabad, Telangana
500 081
Phone: +91 99 08 21 68 40
Email: contact@aline-consulting.com
USA: Aline Consulting LLC
Oxford Business Park
12600 Deerfield Parkway
Alpharetta GA 30004
Email: contact@aline-consulting.com


Working With Us:

Working at Aline is synonymous to being surrounded by passionate, intelligent and creative people who are determined to enhance the innovations in Supply Chain field by providing unrivaled solutions and services. We offer a transparent environment that thrives on innovation and collaboration amongst all employees, where new ideas and out-of-the-box thinking is always encouraged. We see Diversity as more than a priority, but as a competitive advantage to bring diverse ideas and points of view to the table.


We value our employees and are committed to providing a competitive salary and comprehensive benefits portfolio. By working with us, you'll have access to a complete benefits package, including medical, dental, vision coverage and a Health Savings Account (HSA), as well as Life insurance, Short and Long- Term Disability Insurance, 401(k) Plan with Employer Match and Profit Sharing, Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and generous personal Paid Time Off.

Career Development:

Aline strives to attract and retain top-caliber and future-focused employees who demonstrate the commitment and performance necessary to achieve results for today's competitive marketplace. We are committed to offering tools and resources that empower and motivate our employees to drive the company's success. In return, we reward high performance and provide them with numerous professional and personal growth opportunities. New Grads and Employees that are just beginning their careers receive outstanding training to launch their career path on the right track. For experienced professionals, Aline strongly believes in rewarding strong performance by promoting extensively from within the company.

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